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Our chief told him, and then he called our three
scouts to listen to the Shuswap chiefs Instructions.

When this was over, the Shuswap chief told us
that we would all have to have snow-shoes If we
went north; for we would have to travel over deep
sno\v before we returned. And so a bargain was
made by wrhlch wre traded some of our fine plains
ponies for all of the snow-shoes the Shuswaps

So5 after we had rested here for a day, we started
north up the mountainous plateau^ Into a country
none of us had ever seen before.

After we travelled for about ten days we found
plenty of mountain-sheep and -goats. The sheep
were easy to hunt and kill, but the goats were
almost impossible to reach. While the sheep
grazed In herds along the slopes of the mountains,
the goats perched themselves singly, away up
thousands of feet above us on the sides of solid
walls of rock. To us5 as we travelled along the
sides of the mountains, they looked like little white
dot$3 so high were they above us. They fed off
the moss growing on the rocks, while the sheep
liked to graze from the ground in the lower levels*
The sheep meat was good, but we were after the
pelts of the goats; for the mountain-goat has wool
OB its pelt while the sheep does notójust the
opposite of the tame variety of sheep and goat.

However,, we made up our supply of heavy pelts